Best VR Apps for iPhone | Apps you can’t Resist having

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Hey guys, today our topic of discussion is regarding Best VR Apps for iPhone.

For our generation, Virtual Reality is nothing new to us. However, iPhone users will have to wait for a little to get devices compatible with VR headsets.

But it doesn’t mean you cannot experience VR on your iPhone.

So, in this article, I will guide you regarding the latest VR apps which are available on the App Store for iPhone users.

Let’s start the discussion.

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Best VR Apps for iPhone | Apps you can’t Resist having

google cardboard, within, jaunt vr, youtube vr, discovery vr, virtualspeech, fulldive vr, the guardian vr, star chart vr, NYT VR, best vr apps for iphone

As all of the iPhone users know, iGlasses are no closer to be launched yet. Hence, Apple users need to wait for a much longer time to get their devices completely paired.

However, it doesn’t mean you cannot experience the Virtual world on your current Apple devices.

There are plenty of other VR headsets available in the market which provide great VR experience to iPhone users.

you can use a Google Cardboard or Zeiss VR headset on your Apple devices. These are really great devices and do not compromise with quality.

To learn more about Virtual Reality, click here.

so, let’s discuss the apps one by one.


Guys, this platform needs no introduction. There are tons of 360-degree VR videos available on the platform.

As you know, it is the largest portal for Video searching and sharing. Also, you can tune in any video into a VR video with a single click.

Moreover, you can use the platform’s 360-degree feature to get a better immersive experience.

Google Cardboard

Whenever it comes to creative technology, Google is always on the list. And, why not? After all, it is one of the biggest tech giants in the Valley itself.

Google Cardboard app is completely free for iPhone users. This app guides you on how to set up a VR headset on your device.

Moreover, it comes with various VR experiences which you can explore for free.

You can even visit many tourist places with the help of this technology. Cool, isn’t it?


Now, friends, this app is quite different from above the above-mentioned apps. The developer has used the VR technology which is best suited for you guys.

They have merged the Journalism and VR technology. Yes, you heard it right.

Instead of just hearing any news, you can experience it on the go with this app. NYT VR does not publish posts much often.

The reason for not being consistent is that they don’t want to compromise with quality. They invest time to publish fantastic posts for you.

They are going to change the world of Journalism with the help of this cutting-edge technology.

Discovery VR

Friends, this app needs no introduction at all. You are watching Discovery Channel on your television for a long time.

So now, you can experience all this cool stuff in front of you. Yes, Discovery VR will help you discover nature and Outer Space at zero cost.

This app is absolutely free and is excellent for nature lovers like you.

Jaunt VR

This app is one of the apps that I would recommend you to have it on your iPhone if you are a VR geek.

Jaunt VR offers a wide range of films, documentaries, and musicals which are shot using a 360-degree camera. This is the latest way to enjoy any show or movie.

I would reckon this app is a perfect tool for your entertainment.

But, guys this app is not available on App Store. You need to download it via Third-Party app stores.


This app has numerous collections of Music, Poetry, Nature, and a lot of other cool stuff. However, it doesn’t provide much quality content as compared to Jaunt or Discovery.

But it is a nice app which has great scenic experiences. Moreover, they have partnered with a number of organizations such as NBC, Sony, etc.

Fulldive VR

This is one of the most interesting VR apps. It is more social media friendly than other compared VR apps.

Here you can share any VR content uploaded by the users or you can upload your own VR content. It has a massive collection of 360-degree videos.

It has a huge collection of videos which are more user-friendly and you can handpick your own preference.

The Guardian VR

Just like NYT VR, this app also integrates Journalism with VR technology.

This app is specifically designed for Google Cardboard and offers a wide collection of Virtual tours to far-off places.

Moreover, this app is totally free so you don’t have to worry much about the cost imposed on your pocket.

Star Chart VR

Now, this is a premium app which helps you to experience an entire planetarium. You can look out for various planets in our solar system.

This app is very interactive and helps you to learn more about our planetary system.

However, you need to pay $2.99 to access this wonderful app.


This is a wonderful app and a great move by the developer. This app helps you to conquer your fear to speak in public.

Now as you know, most of us get nervous while speaking in any sort of formal meetings.

With the help of this app, you can create a virtual environment for business meetings, presentations, or even a job interview.

I would personally recommend this app if you have a fear of speaking. Moreover, you can track your progress with this app.

In the end, I hope you found the article to be interesting and engaging.

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