HTC Vive Cosmos | Your Specifications and Review Guide

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After the launch of HTC Vive Pro in 2018, HTC has now come into the market with its new PC-powered Headset. The company has come up with HTC Vive Cosmos on October 3rd, 2019.

Vive Cosmos is HTC’s latest flagship headset which comes with impressive improvements over its predecessors. 

With its launch, HTC Vive goes in direct competition with Oculus Rift S. However, the full comparison won’t be done here.  

HTC Vive Cosmos comes with impressive specifications and, with these flagship specifications, comes the expensive price tag. 

We will discuss each and everything about this flagship headset. Whether you should buy this or not? 

So, let’s get started!

HTC Vive Cosmos | The new PC-Powered Headset

htc vive cosmos price, htc vive cosmos specifications, htc vive cosmos specs, htc vive cosmos review, htc vive cosmos vr headset, htc vive cosmos controller

As the industry of Virtual Reality is advancing year by year, we are seeing new and advanced versions of VR headsets. 

The latest tech in the VR industry is the Standalone VR headset. Despite, the amazing idea and huge demand for standalone VR headsets in the market, HTC came up with another PC-powered headset.

While Oculus and other VR giants are focusing on Standalone VR headsets, HTC just cannot get tethered headsets off their minds. 

However, HTC came up with huge tracking advancements in this headset which you won’t see in older Vive. 

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HTC Vive Cosmos Specifications

  • Display Type: AMOLED.
  • Resolution:
    • 1440 x 1700 pixels per eye.
    • 2880 x 1700 pixels combined.
  • Refresh Rate: 90 Hz.
  • Platform Supported: SteamVR and Viveport.
  • Field of View: Maximum 110 Degrees.
  • Tracking Area: No minimum requirement. (Biggest Change for HTC Headsets). 
  • PC connection: Wired and Wireless.
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and G-sensor. 
  • Connections: USB 3.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and Proprietary Connection to Mods.
  • Audio I/O
    • Output: Stereo Headphone.
    • Input: Integrated microphones, Headset Button.

As you can see in the listing, HTC has done major changes in its headset, and the most important change in this headset is the removal of the tracking limit.

Yes, now your HTC Vive headsets don’t need any Base Stations or Lighthouses to track down your movements. 

However, in room-scale mode, the minimum tracking area requirement is 2 x 1.5 m. 

Also, just like old HTC Vive, the headset comes with the capability to adjust IPD (Interpupillary Distance).  

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Let us list down some controller specifications as well. 

HTC Vive Cosmos Controllers Specifications

htc vive cosmos price, htc vive cosmos specifications, htc vive cosmos specs, htc vive cosmos review, htc vive cosmos vr headset, htc vive cosmos controller
  • Sensors: Gyroscope, G-sensor, Hall Sensor, and Touch Sensors.
  • Battery: 2x AA Alkaline Batteries.
  • Mode of Input:
    • System Button.
    • 2 Application Buttons.
    • Trigger.
    • Bumper.
    • Joystick.
    • Grip Button.

As you can see, these Motion Controllers don’t require the presence of trackers like Lighthouses or Base Stations. HTC came up with a whole new set of Motion Controllers to compete with Oculus.

These new Motion Controllers will make you more comfortable when compared with old Vive Controllers. 

Moreover, these controllers also support 6 DoF (Degrees of Freedom). These controllers are tracked down by the cameras that are situated at each corner of the headset. 

HTC is working very hard on ergonomics to provide the best experience to its consumers.  

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Tracking Capabilities

The biggest change that you will observe in HTC Vive Cosmos is the absence of Base Stations. This headset comes with 6 cameras that will help to track down your head position. 

Moreover, this tracking is supported by monitoring your surroundings. So, now you don’t need to deal with a huge amount of cables. Furthermore, now it is easier for you to set up the system.

In its early software releases, the headset constantly prompted the error message while its setup. To set up a play space, the headset requires a huge amount of bright light in order to sense down the room dimensions. 

However, with its update, this issue has been successfully solved. If you also receive this occasional error, make sure your playroom should be well lit.

VR Content Offered

htc vive cosmos price, htc vive cosmos specifications, htc vive cosmos specs, htc vive cosmos review, htc vive cosmos vr headset, htc vive cosmos controller

HTC Vive Cosmos being a high-end PC-powered headset can run all of the flagship VR titles in the market. However, if you think that you can play exclusive PSVR titles on this headset, then it is not the case.

The headset is designed to run the VR content offered by SteamVR and Viveport. As you know, SteamVR is an open-source platform whereas Viveport is the official VR store of HTC Vive.

Being the top-notch VR headset by HTC, you can access the full VR library of SteamVR and that of Viveport. 

Moreover, you can enjoy the Viveport Infinity subscription for just $12.99 per month. 

Hence, your HTC Vive Cosmos is designed to run the exclusive and flagship VR content. So, just buy the VR titles from the above-mentioned stores and enjoy it! 

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Our Experience with the Headset

We tested the headset with numerous VR titles, and we can say one thing, this is the best-in-class VR headset by HTC. The headset worked fairly well with almost all the VR titles.

However, the same light issue disrupted our experience again and again. Our gameplay was disturbed with frequent error pop-ups. But now, the issue was resolved with the update.

The head tracking and Motion Controllers work accurately with almost all the games.

However, when you use the Motion controllers above or below the camera range, you might suffer quick lags in the fast-track games.

The controllers use the same working principle as that of Oculus Quest. However, the controllers are not able to keep up the performance up to the mark. 

But in the simple adventure games, the headset and controllers worked really fine. 

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The Biggest Con of HTC Vive Cosmos

As you read above, the headset offers you the best-in-class experience with a flagship-level of immersion. But, the headset is not able to get away with the curse of wires.

In comparison with Oculus Quest (which seems to be unfair), HTC Vive Cosmos seems to be inferior. There is only one reason for this, wires.

However, HTC has worked a lot to cut down the number of wires by bringing new tracking techniques. But, in comparison with Oculus Quest, it is nothing. 

We cannot doubt the performance of this headset at all. It is the best in class. But comfort has always been the major concern for VR companies. 

The headset doesn’t allow you to move freely in the playroom. Anytime you can get stuck in those wires and you might injure yourself and damage your PC too.

Moreover, you need to connect the headset with a powerful PC to run the VR content. 

This means that buying this headset can cost you a lot. Also, Oculus Quest doesn’t require any PC or even smartphones at all to run your VR content. 

Finally, let us reveal the pricing of the HTC Vive Cosmos.

Pricing of HTC Vive Cosmos

htc vive cosmos price, htc vive cosmos specifications, htc vive cosmos specs, htc vive cosmos review, htc vive cosmos vr headset, htc vive cosmos controller

There is no doubt in the performance of this headset. The headset worked fairly well with most of the VR titles. HTC brought this system in the market with a large number of improvements in its predecessors.

It has many advancements that have been discussed above, but the price tag of $700 is not justified with the cons of this headset. 

A very similar VR immersion can be experienced on Oculus Rift S for just $400. Moreover, the cable issue makes the Oculus Quest our first choice. 

So, after reading all of the above, if you are willing and your pocket allows to buy this headset then you should surely go for it. 

In the end, I would suggest buying the headset according to your convenience. However, I would still suggest going for Oculus Quest rather than Cosmos or Oculus Rift S.

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