HTC Vive Pro Specifications | Must Check before Buying

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As the market of Virtual Reality is increasing day by day, HTC is also upgrading its VR headsets according to the need of the market. One of the major upgrades brought by this company is HTC Vive Pro and its cutting-edge specifications.

HTC announced the launch of HTC Vive Pro at CES 2018.

It has emerged as one of the major improvements in its predecessor HTC Vive which was the first headset launched HTC.

So, let us discuss the Specifications, performance and outer body design of this flagship VR headset.

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HTC Vive Pro as a Major Improvement in HTC Vive

Before we start reading the specifications of HTC Vive Pro, it is important for us to know some major differences between HTC Vive’s specifications and that of HTC Vive Pro.

As I said above, HTC Vive Pro came in the market as one of the major upgrades in HTC Vive. Which means some of the key features might remain the same in this VR headset. Whereas, there are some major upgrades to be seen on HTC Vive Pro.

This headset comes with amazing graphics and with a far more better display when compared with HTC Vive. Moreover, it comes with built-in headphones as well.

HTC Vive Pro offers us a high-resolution dual AMOLED display. Yes, it comes with a 2880 x 1600 resolution with a 78% increase in PPI. It comes with 615 PPI.

As you can see, with the increase in PPI and resolution, HTC Vive Pro is all set to break all the benchmarks of VR gaming.

Let us now check out the specifications of this cutting-edge VR headset.

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Specifications of HTC Vive Pro

  • Display Type: AMOLED.
  • Resolution: 2880 x 1600 (615 PPI).
  • Refresh Rate: 90 Hz.
  • Platform Supported: SteamVR and Viveport.
  • Field of View: 110 Degrees.
  • Tracking Area: 33 x 33 feet.
  • PC connection: Wired and Wireless.
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyrosensor, Lighthouse laser tracking system, dual front-facing cameras and even provide support for Lighthouse 2.0.
  • Connections: USB 3.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and Bluetooth.

Moreover, HTC Vive Pro comes with a built-in audio and built-in mic system as well. In the audio segment, Vive Pro comes with head strap headphones with an in-line amplifier.

Let us now slit up very few and finest details of this flagship VR headset.

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Design of HTC Vive Pro

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When you go to the market, you will find that most of the improvements in devices look similar in design as compared to their older versions. But, on the contrary, HTC has come up with an all-new design.

The Vive Pro comes with a hard plastic shell with a newly tinted paint job.

Moreover, HTC Vive Pro comes Deluxe Audio Strap which features the same turn dial like that of HTC Vive.

The quality that makes HTC Vive Pro a better choice for you is that you can make minor alterations to the design. For example, if you wear a pair of glasses then you can still enjoy HTC Vive Pro. And it has considered one of the finest improvements on HTC Vive.

Also, this headset comes with built-in headphones that are easily adjustable and detachable as well. So now, you can even easily hear what is going around you.

To see what is going around you, Vive Pro comes with 2 front-facing cameras as well. The camera’s main functionality is to provide an outside pass-through video to the user. Moreover, it helps in the potential controller tracking as well.

HTC has worked a lot in blocking the outside light in order to provide a better virtual experience.

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Controller and Tracking Experience on HTC Vive Pro

Vive Pro came in the market with support for new trackers and controllers. However, you can also your old Vive bands and lighthouse for this purpose.

Moreover, its support for lighthouse and lighthouse 2.0 has arguably made it one of the best VR headsets when it comes to room-scale motion tracking.

Let us talk briefly about Lighthouse 2.0.

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The second-generation of Lighthouse comes with support for up to 4 sensors for enhanced tracking and reduced occlusion.

Moreover, Lighthouse 2.0 can provide you up to 33 x 33 feet of playroom area which is really good for commercial and business purposes.

However, the new and upgraded version of the HTC Vive controllers doesn’t look like an upgrade either. It comes with the same form-factor as the Vive bands came with.

But, it comes with upgraded sensors which provide support for the Lighthouse 2.0 system.

To your delight, these Controllers and trackers are totally wireless in nature. Which means what? No wires. Yess!! Moreover, it will provide you better battery life and improved performance.

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Display And Field of View of HTC Vive Pro

The headset comes with the same Fresnel design and visual artifacts in a high contrast scene. However, its new AMOLED display makes this headset a quality one.

HTC Vive Pro comes with a resolution of 2880 x 1600 for dual-panel design and with 615 PPI. Which means high-quality graphics.

But, the major issue is its refresh rate. The refresh rate is kept almost the same (90 Hz). However, the increased pixel density and newer display technology will surely make it a better choice to choose in the market.

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Audio I/O in HTC Vive Pro

Unlike its predecessor, Vive Pro comes with quality headphones which are Hi-Res certified. Moreover, these headphones come with a powerful amplifier to provide a decent volume experience.

However, at higher volumes, the audio quality degrades to a level at which an audiophile won’t enjoy it.

But the headphones are removable which is a great feature for its users.

But, in audio output, HTC Vive Pro has performed really good. The headset comes fitted with a dual-microphone array and an active noise cancellation system.

If you want to read about the system requirements of HTC Vive Pro, Click Here.

At last, let us discuss the pricing and availability of this flagship VR headset.

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Pricing and Channel of Availability

As this system is an improvement in HTC Vive, so it becomes obvious that the pricing will also be an improved one.

If you want to buy only the headset, then you have to pay USD 770. Check out this amazing headset by clicking here.

However, if you want to buy the whole Virtual Reality system bundle which includes lighthouse 2.0. controllers, Fovitec, etc. then you have to pay almost USD 1,450. Check out the whole system bundle here.

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It looks like quite an expensive deal to go with. You can even go with the older version, the HTC Vive. By far it is one of the most famous VR headsets. Check out here.

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Final Verdict

With its wireless nature, the HTC Vive Pro is one of the best PC-tethered Virtual Reality in the market. With all those amazing trackers and controllers, Vive Pro has performed extremely well.

Moreover, its support for all high-end PC-VR games makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Also, this headset came in the market as an improvement but its features have alotted it a totally different segment of classification (the wireless PC-tethered headset).

Although the price tag is still an issue for most of the potential customers, if you are truly willing to buy and your pocket allows it, then you should definitely go for this amazing headset.

Check out the full review of HTC Vive Pro below.

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