Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream | Software Specifications

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With the rising popularity of standalone VR headsets in the market, in 2018, Lenovo launched its first high-end standalone VR headset “Mirage Solo with Daydream support”.

Mirage Solo came with a lot of promises in the market providing a high refresh rate and 6 DoFs. However, it failed to deliver an experience according to its pricing.

In one of our previous articles, we covered all the hardware specifications of Lenovo Mirage Solo and we strongly recommend you go through that article in order to have a better understanding of this product.

That article will provide you complete details regarding the positive and negative aspects of its hardware specifications.

Read about Hardware Specifications of Lenovo Mirage Solo Here.

Meanwhile, in this article, you will learn the software support and we’ll guide you whether you should buy this headset or not.

Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream | Software Specifications

lenovo mirage solo software, mirage solo games, mirage solo with daydream, mirage solo software specifications, mirage solo apps

After achieving huge success in the PC sector, Lenovo has entered in VR industry with its latest standalone VR headset “Mirage Solo”.

However, Lenovo handled the hardware designing part, while it partnered with Google for Operating System and software purposes. Yes, you read it right.

Instead of creating its own OS for VR, Lenovo outsourced the Daydream software by Google. As you might know, Daydream works on Android hence, the headset looks like Daydream View VR headset (from a software perspective) without a Pixel smartphone.

But, this innovative move by Lenovo in partnership with Google was hit hard by Oculus Quest in May 2019.

With a lot of competition from its competitors (Oculus and HTC) made the survival of Mirage Solo in the market harder. Higher availability of the best technology in the market, companies are providing the best specifications to their users.

With other competitors providing the best-in-class and especially their own OS and software support, the journey of Lenovo Mirage Solo seems quite difficult in the VR market.

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Mirage Solo powered by Daydream

lenovo mirage solo software, mirage solo games, mirage solo with daydream, mirage solo software specifications, mirage solo apps

Lenovo Mirage Solo uses Google Daydream 2.0 as its operating system. The OS is Android-based, but you won’t feel like you are using an Android smartphone in VR as the case is with Daydream View. Rather, you will feel like you are using the Android version of VR.

Moreover, as you switch on the headset, Daydream pops-up directly without redirecting you to the common front-end of Android. This feature is quite interesting and distinguishes Mirage Solo from Daydream View.

By pressing the Daydream button, you can access the home screen which looks quite similar to Android N notification shade. Through the home screen, you can access Google Cast, adjust the volume, check your alarms, set your wifi, and access your system settings.

With a menu-based app library, the display aspect has been set to portrait giving you a feel of using an Android smartphone. This reduces the Field of View and you can easily navigate through the apps.

However, the landscape mode in the App library is still a major missing for most of the users.

Being a Daydream headset, Mirage Solo uses Google’s Play Store from where you can download any VR compatible application and run it on your headset.

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Softwares for Mirage Solo


Google Daydream provides you lot of VR apps and games. However, the VR library is not as big as the Oculus Store, PSVR, or Viveport. But the amount of apps you get is satisfactory.

Daydream also provides support for apps such as Google Play Movies & TV, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and YouTube. Hence, you can enjoy your Virtual theatre at your home with Lenovo Mirage Solo.

You can access Google Street View and roam around the destinations you always wanted. However, while visiting your favorite destinations virtually, you should keep in mind the play area as you might hurt yourself in the process.

You can also visit virtual museums with Google Arts & Culture to appreciate the work of art. You can watch news & documentaries, read journals & reports, and enjoy your 360º photos with dedicated apps.

Moreover, You’ll find lots of other different interesting apps in the VR library. Let’s talk about games now.

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lenovo mirage solo software, mirage solo games, mirage solo with daydream, mirage solo software specifications, mirage solo apps

The varied library of Daydream comes with a number of games belonging to a variety of genres. Moreover, Daydream has its own Standout VR titles. These include:

  • Rez Infinite (Rhythm Shooter Game)
  • Darknet (Hacking Puzzle Game)
  • Keep Talking (Party Puzzle Game)
  • Nobody Explodes (Party Puzzle Game)
  • Dreadhalls (Horror Game)
  • Layers of Fear: Solitude (Horror Game)

Other than these, there aren’t many compelling titles on the Daydream library. Moreover, the library lacks the categorization of games.

Also, the above-listed games are becoming obsolete with the rapid advancements in VR. You can say, the Daydream Library is full of simple and cheap games. You cannot even compare the games in the library of Daydream with that of Oculus and PSVR.

The Library of Oculus and PSVR has one of the best VR titles in the world.

Hence, if you are buying Mirage Solo for gaming, then Pleaseee! Don’t do that. You’ll end up wasting your money. Instead, you should go for Oculus Quest or HTC Vive Focus.

Here, I am not blaming the hardware of Mirage Solo. The hardware of this headset is capable of doing higher operations. But, the problem lies in the software and its library.

However, if you want to buy this headset to enjoy a virtual theatre, then I would surely recommend it.

With all these above, talk about the performance of this headset on a software basis.

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Software Performance in Lenovo Mirage Solo

App Performance

While using YouTube VR on this headset, if you are playing a Non-VR video, then you will find yourself in a large movie theater with the movie screen in the dark and formless space. You have full freedom to adjust the curvature of the screen.

Moreover, when you will play a 360º video, you would be surrounded within a sphere of a video. With 6 DoFs of tracking capability, you can move your head to look at different parts of the video. Moreover, you can use the touchpad for the same purpose.

However, if you suffer from motion sickness, then you can manually crop out the most appropriate part of the video which you want to enjoy.

When it comes to Google Street View VR, you’ll be highly disappointed. Instead of teleporting you into your dream destination where you can walk around, it just offers you a 360º panorama of the destination and that’s it.

In order to change your location, you can directly switch between the linked panoramas. Currently, it is not able to provide you a perfect Street View experience.

Games Performance

The headset being standalone is not able to extract power from the PC or a console. And, this is the big reason why some high-end games such as Rez Infinite feel so much limited.

The game is also available on PSVR, but you will huge differences in the same game on different headsets. Moreover, Mirage Solo is not able to generate crisp and high-quality imaging of computer graphics. The reason you know, it comes with an LCD display. While other headsets such Oculus Quest and PSVR have OLED displays. 

Moreover, in some other games such as Blade Runner Revelations, etc. you will find computer graphics that resemble PS2 rather than high-end consoles such as PS4 or X-Box One

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Should you buy Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream?

lenovo mirage solo software, mirage solo games, mirage solo with daydream, mirage solo software specifications, mirage solo apps

As you came across the software specifications and hopefully the hardware specifications of this headset, you can easily figure out that the headset lacks some major and minor functionalities. 

One of the key specifications absent on this headset is OLED and higher-order display. Moreover, the controller which comes with only 3DoFs of tracking has very limited performance.

Rather than being a flagship standalone headset, its more like a Daydream View without a Pixel smartphone.

If reading books & journals, watching movies, and videos is your major concern then Mirage Solo is a decent VR headset but with a higher price tag. Similar experiences can be enjoyed on Oculus Go, Daydream View, and Gear VR which is half the price of Mirage Solo. 

However, if high-end gaming is your major concern then please don’t go for it. The primary reason is the content on its VR library which is not that good. And other reasons are mentioned in hardware specifications. 

For gaming, if you have money in your hand then we suggest you go for:

  • Oculus Quest
  • HTC Vive Focus
  • Valve Index
  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive

These headsets might appear costlier but if you are ready to buy Lenovo Mirage Solo then by adding some smaller amount to your budget, you can take your VR gaming to a whole new level. 

Hence, in the end, from our point of view, Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream is a headset whose software and hardware specifications do not justify its high price tag. 

If you have any doubts regarding Lenovo Mirage Solo or you have any queries regarding anything in the VR industry, you are always welcomed to our VR/AR Discussions forum. Moreover, you can reach us through our social media handles.