What is Netflix VR | Everything You Need to Know

Hey guys, Today our topic of discussion is very interesting. Today we will talk about Netflix VR.

Yes, you heard it right. Netflix has also started creating Virtual Reality content for its users. There is plenty of virtual content to be watched on Netflix.

So, in this article, I will guide you about the app, it’s compatibility, subscription, and lots of other cool stuff.

Let’s start with the discussion.

Moreover, do check out the bonus video at the end of the article.

What is Netflix VR | Everything You Need to Know

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As you guys know, Netflix is the most popular streaming network around the world. What is great about Netflix is that it’s quality content.

We all love watching quality content. And, Netflix provides us with pretty cheap subscription options.

Personally speaking, I am a great fan of Netflix too. Despite, of great competition given by Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, Netflix has never compromised over its content.

And, guess what? Now, they are stepping in the world of Virtual Reality.

Netflix is working on to integrate its quality content with Virtual world. This is really interesting.

So, without wasting any time, let’s jump in the virtual world of Netflix.

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About The App

Netflix VR, Netflix, oculus rift, google daydream, samsung gear vr, limitations of netflix vr, content offered by netflix vr

This app will allow you (Netflix subscribers) to watch the exciting stuff over their VR headset. However, Netflix has taken small steps after adopting VR, but these steps are quite significant.

You will have an option to choose between two modes. First one is the Living room viewing Experience. While the second one is the Void Mode.

Let us talk about these modes in brief.

By using the Living Room Mode, you need to sit as you sit would sit normally to watch your TV. If you changed your posture, and look up or anywhere, you would end up seeing your surrounding.

Whereas, using the Void Mode removes your surrounding and moves you to a blank space.

Moreover, you can sit the way you like. The VR experience is quite immersive. However, the modes offered are limited.

Content Offered by Netflix VR

Netflix VR, Netflix, oculus rift, google daydream, samsung gear vr, limitations of netflix vr, content offered by netflix vr

You will be delighted to know that Netflix VR offers all standard Netflix Web Series. You can watch any series.

However, you won’t find any exclusive VR content for your experience. But, in the future, it is expected that Netflix might come up with exclusive VR content.


Anything which has pros has its cons too. Moreover, Netflix VR has its limitations too.

The biggest limitation is that the VR content of Netflix cannot be downloaded on your devices. So, your dependency over WiFi increases.

Moreover, Netflix has messed up with the content resolution part too. Yes, you can watch the content in 480p resolution at max.

It doesn’t matter whether you are on an HD plan. The content will be played in SD.

Platforms to run Netflix VR

Oculus Rift:

Just download and install the Netflix App from Oculus Store, run it on your VR headset and enjoy.

Google Daydream:

For the people who are tight on budget, can use Daydream. This VR headset is all you can go with. However, it only works with a few number of smartphones.

Just download Netflix VR app from Play Store, add your Netflix account and enjoy.

Samsung Gear VR:

If you have a Samsung Flagship device, you can easily compromise with Oculus Rift and Google Daydream. It is a very powerful VR headset.

To watch Netflix’s VR content, select Netflix from home screen, follow the instructions, sign-in with your Netflix account and enjoy.

Moreover, if you want to watch Netflix VR on any smartphone, watch the video below.


Now, you all might be thinking that, is Netflix VR worth it? Well, if you are a VR geek, a Netflix lover and have a lot of money to run it on powerful devices, then you should surely go with it.

But I would recommend you to wait for more time. New and exclusive VR content is waiting for you.

In the end, I hope you found the article to be interesting and engaging.

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