What is Mixed Reality? Merge your Real and Virtual World

Hey guys, Today our discussion is based on the concepts of Mixed Reality.

Let me ask you a question first. What is Mixed Reality? A hybrid of Augmented and Virtual Reality? Exactly.

It carries the features of both technologies.

We will go about discussing minor details regarding the concepts, its types, future aspects, gadgets, and lots of other cool stuff.

I will guide you step by step in the easiest language possible.

Let’s start with the discussion.

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What is Mixed Reality? Merge your Real and Virtual World

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Before starting off with this article, I want you guys to be thorough with the concepts of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

If you aren’t? Go and check out our articles related to VR and AR technology. Those articles will help you a lot to grasp the concepts very easily.

Now, let’s get back to our business.

See, Mixed Reality or MR can be very similar to the AR and VR in many contexts. However, MR can be really different from AR and VR.

Seriously. It is a whole new concept on which many tech giants are working.

Likes of Microsoft, HP, and many other companies are investing in this new technology.

MR is used as an independent concept of Reality. Moreover, it is also used in the classification of the reality-virtuality continuum spectrum.

See, I told you, lots of heavy terminologies coming to your way. Better be thorough with the basics.

Let us now break down the things apart to learn in a better way.

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Mixed Reality (independent)

Now, this seems to be very obvious. As an independent concept, MR is defined as the integration of Real objects with Virtual World to create a new environment.

Here, Real and Digital objects simultaneously exist and interact in real time.

See, this was really simple. Was it though? I know, it takes to digest all these but it is easy.

Mixed Reality (Continuum Spectrum)

Now guys, here things get really confusing. Because earlier we defined it as an independent concept. But here it covers all the possible variations.

Yes, this is compositions of all possible real and virtual objects. This spectrum ranges from Real and Natural Environment to completely Virtual Environment.

For your information, this concept was presented by Paul Milgram.

Let us study this spectrum in more detail.

Types of Mixed Reality

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1. Independent Mixed Reality:

Look, guys, when we define MR as a standalone concept, it just refers to the combination of Real and Virtual world.

Moreover, it is an attempt to merge the best of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Together, they create new visualizations and environments.

Here real and virtual objects co-exist in real time to provide us with the best experience.

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2. Real Environment:

mixed reality, microsoft hololens 2, virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual world, real environment, mixed reality gadgets, mr gadgets, vr, ar, mr, future of mr

Now, this can’t tough to understand guys. It is just the real and natural environment in which we all live.

As you all know, this environment consists of Living and Non-Living Things. This natural environment encompasses the whole universe.

No, virtual elements can exist without the presence of the real world. How? It is so obvious guys.

All virtual elements are modeled on real-world elements.

Moreover, the virtual environment is created in the real environment. However, the vice-versa is not true. So obvious again.

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3. Augmented Reality:

As most of you guys have read in our previous articles, AR adds the digital elements to the real world without changing the user’s perception of the real world.

it does not cut out the user totally from the real environment.

In this, the person remains in the real world and experience the visuals, aural, and feelings which are created virtually.

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4. Augmented Virtuality:

So guys, now this term might confuse to some extent. I know, most of you might not be aware of this.

However, it is pretty easy to understand. It is just the inverse of augmented reality.

Yes, you heard it right. Some people might confuse it with mixed reality, but let me tell you don’t do this blunder. Both are very different.

In this basically, the elements of the real world are inserted in the virtual environment. Seems pretty interesting and little bit absurd to some extent. But, it is possible.

As a situation, you can manipulate the virtual environment while the real objects are already present in the environment.

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5. Virtual Reality:

Now, friends this term needs no introduction. According to me, If you are reading about MR, you would be thorough with VR.

But if that’s not the case, no worries.

Virtual Reality or in short what we call is VR is simulated experience taking place in an immersive environment. From immersive here we mean is the virtual environment.

Virtual Reality is a type of artificial environment where a person what he or she wants to view.

This virtual environment can be similar to the real world or can be a whole new different experience.

Here the point to be noted, there is no presence no real-world elements. Only digital or virtual elements.

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Talking about the gadgets become really important when we discuss a technology that might change the world.

Let’s start here.

Microsoft Hololens 2:

mixed reality, microsoft hololens 2, virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual world, real environment, mixed reality gadgets, mr gadgets, vr, ar, mr, future of mrLast April, Microsoft rolled out Hololens 2 which cost about $3,500. Currently, Hololens is available at Microsoft e-shop.

It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10. The PCs having the latest updates would able to use the Hololens 2 on their devices.

The Hololens can provide you with AR and VR experience. However, the VR experience is not completely immersive.

Instead, it is a mix of AR and VR experience.

Let us have a look at other MR devices.

  • Samsung HMD Odyssey.
  • HP Mixed Reality Headset.
  • Acer Mixed Reality Headset.
  • Asus Mixed Reality headset.

All of the above devices mentioned are compatible with Windows 10 and comes in the approximately the same price range.

However, Samsung’s headset is a bit costly as compared with other devices.

But, whatever be the case, all these companies are working so hard to make this technology accessible to us.

However, these products are bit costly now but in the coming future, they will become affordable for all of us.

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Let’s now discuss the future aspects of Mixed Reality.

Future of Mixed Reality

As we read above, both AR and VR are coming together hand-in-hand to provide the best of both.

With the advancements in technology, the boundaries between real and virtual world are getting thinner day by day.

In the coming 5 to 7 years, the MR industry might become a global industry that will revolutionize the coming future.

With the help of MR, the holographic projections and the virtual displays will receive a better focus.

Moreover, MR will provide better vision and image recognition technologies at low-cost processing facilities.

You will be delighted to know that, the communication between human and computer will get better and better.

Moreover, the MR will be going to dominate gaming, mobile, and camera industries in the coming future.

In the end, I hope you found the article to be interesting and engaging.

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